Consultancy & Professional Services
Provision of professional and expert advice in a number of varied and diverse issues in the fields we operate.
Highly interactive and engaging, self-paced learning modules allowing the trainees freedom and flexibility.
SMS Gap Analysis
Establishing the missing parts in terms of safety and SMS implementation.

SMS Audit
Auditing Organisations for SMS Compliance and SMS Effectiveness.

Safety Culture Survey
A “snapshot” of the workforce’s attitudes and perceptions about safety; identifies Safety Culture strengths and weaknesses.
Safety Culture Evaluation / Assessment
Identify the barriers preventing employees and leaders from performing their best.
Training Needs Analysis
For specific topics, groups of personnel, for a specific department or for the entire organisation.
Training Management Software
An integrated package for managing tasks and data.

Document Development
Document Development support can be provided in a number of topics for which we possess considerable expertise.
Gap Analysis
Establishing the missing part (where are – where have to be – where want to be).

Ikarus (Upcoming)
An Occurrence reporting (recording) and Investigation web-based Tool.

Recruitment and Orientation
A step by step, modular approach, to suit the individual special needs and requirements of every organization .

Project Proposal Development
Flexible and adjustable to accommodate the specific needs of every organization.
Business Plan
Guidance and Direction for Development.

Training and Development – Auditing
Tool box which facilitates the auditing of several parameters .

Ongoing Organization and Trainee support
ongoing support to customers, associates and trainees in every possible manner, before during and after our interaction with them.