Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We are committed to contribute to social development while improving the quality of life of the employees as well as of associates, customers, community, environment and society at large.  We assume responsibilities that go well beyond the scope of simple commercial relationships.

| Ethical Conduct

We embrace a strict code of ethical and humane conduct which ensures building and maintaining professional and personal relationships with our customers, partners and associates and our societies.


| Customer Care

Our customers and strategic partners – the reason for our existence – are in the core of our activities. We constantly strive to offer value, quality, superb service and a seamless experience; to exceed expectations and to support the effort for realization of their strategic plans and long term sustainability.

| Employee Care

We recognize that our Human Resources is our most precious asset therefore we are engaged to reward them by maximizing their benefits, working conditions and wellbeing, learning and professional development and career prospects.

| Market & Industry Growth and Development

We are determined to support the growth and professional development of the industries and segments in all markets we operate by stimulating knowledge through the inputting of knowhow and expertise and by taking initiatives and suggesting alternatives which foster further improvement.

| Community and Society Engagement

We are determined to contribute our surrounding community and the society in general in any way possible, recognizing the importance of operating in a progressive environment which is socially coherent and sustainable.

| Environment & Sustainability

We consciously support all kind of initiatives which contribute for a cleaner, healthier environment, the conservation of energy and the preservation of natural resources, for the benefit of current and future generations; our global environment – our common home.